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Research on Consumer Purchasing Preference of Fast Fashion Women's Wear Based on Visual Perception

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Tutor: YangYiXiong
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Fast fashion,Visual perception,Purchase preference,Conjoint analysis,Eye trackin
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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In recent years, since the demand of consumers is becoming more personalized and diversified, fast fashion brand rapidly occupies Chinese apparel consuming market, with its characterization of trend following, various styles and quick turnover. It becomes the new direction of contemporary clothing enterprises¡¯ operation optimization and transformation to capture the popular elements and seize market opportunities. Therefore, it is important to understand consumers¡¯ preferences for different product¡¯s attributes and to put different product assortment on different market segments.This research presents women¡¯s tops collection (T-shirt&blouse) of fast fashion brand at shanghai area as a case to study the appearance attributes of garments. By doing the eye tracking experiment and conjoint analysis, from both subjective and objective perspectives, this paper explores the consumers¡¯preferences for different attributes when doing purchase decisions, which can help to get a good knowledge of customers¡¯ purchase behavior and consumption psychology, in order to offer the guideline to products¡¯ design, help to do the market positioning, cater to the market to the greatest degree, and finally help enterprises to get the economic benefits and realize the strategic goal of sustainable development.The main contents are as follows:¢ÙExtraction and analysis of products attributes and their levels On the basis of collecting fashion information, analyzing the best-selling products of several typical fast fashion brands, and doing expert interviews, getting the outline of products attributes. Then with the questionnaire of attributes selection, make an investigation about preference for attributes¡¯levels and cognition of fast fashion brands, in order to determine the attributes and their concrete levels.¢ÚEye tracking experimentFirstly, with the orthogonal design result, set nine pictures of2013S/S women¡¯s tops collection (T-shirt&blouse) as the experiment samples. Then study on the key performance index of100valid subjects, including dwell time, entry time, first fixation and fixation count, and select dwell time and fixation count to do the further analysis.¢ÛSurvey of fast fashion products purchase preferenceBy conjoint analysis of fast fashion women¡¯s products purchase preference, get the importance value of attributes, utilities of each level, preference scores and market share of every simulation product; based on the value of six-pair style description words, analyze the fast fashion style perception of the customers; with the investigation on the customers¡¯ purchase behavior and consumption psychology, find the factors influencing customers¡¯ purchase decision and their lifestyle or consumption concept, then classify the customers by their purchase style, which can apply for the market segmenting.Based on above research results, the paper puts forward the business strategy of fast fashion products from four aspects (product, price, place, promotion), which is expected to give the traditional apparel enterprises transformation direction.
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