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Sleeve Constitutive and Type Version Designing

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Tutor: GuanZhuo
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Sleeve construction design,Sleeve crown height,Bicep,Armhole,Shrinkage
CLC: TS941.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In our country, garment manufacturing industry plate, usually a choice between two kindof seihan method.One is the choice of Chinese traditional sense of proportion type mappingmethod, another is the choice of prototype cartography.At present, China¡¯s garmententerprises mostly use the proportional mapping method.Shortcomings of this mappingmethod is very hard for beginners entry, only by a few experienced plate-making divisioncommand.Last year, in a garment enterprises practice, see the master plate in the seihanprocess of sleeve, is the use of a prototype, and the prototype method in schooldifferences.Investigate its reason, is because with the plate-making division technologyimproves and the plate-making technology gradually improve, in the use of prototype basedon, more and more integrated into the proportion method.Produced by this method is alsovery beautiful, comfortable sleeves. This is a new plate method.Produced by this method isalso very beautiful, comfortable sleeves. This two kinds of seihan method together, should beapplied to Chinese garment enterprise. In order to summarize the mapping of this new method,finishing in the seihan process enterprises learn, try to conduct a sleeve prototype and severalsleeve plate.And combine it with the new Japanese cultural type sleeve prototype and makingmethod are compared.Through the comparison of many elements of the prototype of sleevearmhole, sleeve, sleeve, sleeve fertilizer string, use the formula so that the sleeve prototypeplate method in China more clearly, so that beginners can quickly get started.
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