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The Modern Women's Garment Body in the Process of Armhole and Sleeve Structure Design

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Tutor: GuanZhuo
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: sleeves structural design,human shoulder morphology,armhole,Sodeyama high
CLC: TS941.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Selection of design components sleeves important clothing as the research point. Basedon human anatomy as the basis, study the structure design of modern women plate underpantsbody armhole and sleeve. To analyze the relationship between the shoulder, arm and sleevebody through analysis of human anatomy, shoulder and arm between the static human body,the relationship between dynamic human shoulder and elbow joints, so as to analyze the planedrawing sleeve, structure design theory and application of the sleeves. Through reviewing thedeveloping history of garment sleeve sculpt, summarizes the design features of different agesand sleeve clothing, analysis of human shoulder and arm consisting mainly of bones andmuscles, the shoulder of human body, arm and arm movement directly affects the structuredesign of the conclusion of the sleeves. Analysis of production sleeve prototype, planeplate-making process verification of various sleeve through the sleeve prototype, key pointsand difficulties and different sleeve, sleeve type of garment in actual production. By changingthe sleeve structure design, carries on the analysis to the armhole and sleeve, sleeve fertilizer.By using the method of experience, through the specific circumstances of the garmentsproduced by the induction and analysis, the theory of system.
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