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Theory of Dress Collocation is Important Impact on the Fashion Show

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Tutor: GuanZhuo
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: fashion show,Clothing collocation division,Brand,innovation
CLC: TS942
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Domestic clothing show, clothing collocation t the position is rarely, public recognition,however, some international big brands have to hire professional clothing collocationdivisions for two seasons a year big fashion show services. In two very different attitudes isrooted in the domestic clothing market is still not known to the professional clothingcollocation architect and designer to match the difference between costume, unaware of theprofessional clothing collocation is important impact on the fashion show. In the process ofwriting this paper USES the research methods of combining theory with practice. Read lots ofrelated domestic literature on one hand, enrich the theory of knowledge content; Respectivelyat the same time actively participate in practice, as model, sound engineer, assistant of thedirector, designers such as identity participate in graduate exhibition, Beijing internationalfashion week, Harbin international fashion week and fashion design competition, fromdifferent angles read professional clothing collocation jockey¡¯s relationship with fashion showproduction department. Based on the combination of theory and practice through the analysisof dress collocation and model in fashion shows, stage, the relationship between media,makeup and other departments, highlight the important impact on the fashion show matchclothes division; By comparing fashion show hiring full-time in the collocation of clothingbrands and designers part-time collocation of clothing brand presentation, demonstrate theimportance of clothing collocation division for the fashion show. Conclusive argument:professional clothing collocation jockey as an emerging profession, is a fashion show positiondistribution of innovation; It is helpful to improve the quality of fashion show performances.
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