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Research on the Optimization and Simulation of Garment Production Management System

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Tutor: WuXiongYing
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: assembly line balancing,production management system,process database,ant colony
CLC: TS941.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the continuous development of trade globalization, clothing industries have to face a fiercer competition. Due to a wide variety of issues and pressure, clothing industry has been greatly impacted resulting in the recent depression. China¡¯s textile industry is confronted with a gradual loss of its traditional advantage and meets a new challenge. Clothing industries in our country ought to make more efforts to enhance the information construction. The quick collection, spread, response and decision of information have become the key factors in competition.However, the extensive management is still an existing problem in most domestic clothing industries. They are accustomed to manual manipulation and management based on individual experience. As a result, tasks cannot be well executed and the line efficiency turns out to be low. In addition, information sharing within the company is always ignored so that most managers cannot make accurate decisions due to the lack of real production data. Worse still, cooperation within departments might be affected. By far, production management systems used in many companies are mostly based on the same mode, which is difficult to meet the need of every mode and every size of management. Meanwhile, these systems exclude modules of assembly line balancing and simulation.In allusion to the questions mentioned above, firstly, some problems existing in the production workshop are pointed out and some corresponding improvements are also put forward in the paper. Besides, process data collected from the field research have been summarized and a process database which can be linked to the production management system has been developed. Secondly, the paper discussed about the assembly line balancing. On the basis of this discussion, an ACO optimizing system has been developed. The system has the characteristics of open and easy to use. Thirdly, a simulation has been done by using ProModel. The simulation provides with the dynamic production process and it is instructive to control the clothing production. Lastly, by using Delphi, a production management has been built regarding SQL database as the backstage supporter.Based on the requirement analysis of production management system in middle-and-small sized enterprises, a pratical, low-cost, convenient and interactive system has been built. The established system makes it efficient to accomplish operation research and management, production arrangement and management, and control of the production planning. It can direct and manage the production process and realize resources sharing. At the same time, the system can help enterprises to reduce the setup time effectively so that enterprises can make fast responses to the market. It has practical value.
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