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Study on Obtaining Clothing3D Data from Design Drawing

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Tutor: DuJinSong
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Pattern design,Parameterization,Auto-generation,Garment CAD
CLC: TS941.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2014
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On the premise of the more fierce market competition of the clothing industry in our country, clothing enterprises need to transform as soon as possible in order to adapt to the industry development. The significance of this paper is to solve the clothing enterprises facing problems, promote the intelligent clothing CAD research, improve the speed of clothing production, reduce the cost of clothing production, this article puts forward the idea of automatic generating pattern system.On the basis of figure definition for clothing design and analysis of the prototype pattern of three dimensional space, determine this topic research object is three-dimensional modeling of clothing flattening. By clothing flattening test and prototype pattern three-dimensional structure experiment, under the premise of without considering the fabric deformation, determine the clothing of plane design graph template is overlooking the Clothing patterns of pyramidal geometry structure planar projection, provide the premise for design pattern automatic generation system.On the basis of compared with UK prototype, US prototype, Russian EMKO prototype, Japanese cultural prototype and Donghua prototype, the design method of the prototype pattern is established. Using a special measurement size, such as human back Angle and chest Angle, etc. Created a prototype, which can be easily converted into more of a pyramid structure. And check the accuracy of the prototype, through sample test, made a correction in detail.A mathematical model of the prototype pattern is established, through the parameterized constraint. The parameter is set to the human body size and the size of the volume, build the automatic generating system mathematical model of the prototype pattern. Establish a three-dimensional models of prototype pattern is the only channel and bridges connect the design diagram and the design of the pattern. On the basis of more pyramid and the ridge structure of prototype patterns, Rotating A, B, C, D, E, F plane, to merge the chest dart, waist dart, and shoulder dart, through the vertical projection of three-dimensional model, establish prototype pattern mathematical model of pyramid, obtain the contour line for prototype three-dimensional models, ensure information transmission of pattern to Design.Automatic pattern generation system from fashion design to clothing patterns is an expert system. Through extraction and classification feature points in the design, using the mathematical model of reverse calculation, concluded the operation process from design to the pattern. Though the initial data of the pattern in figure and contour processing, got the pattern, finally. In the end, make a clothes sample to validation studies scheme is feasible.
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