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Shoe Tree Based on3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering Design and the Seleciton of Research

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Tutor: WangHongFu
School: Jiangnan University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Three-dimensional foot scanning,Reverse engineering,Shoe tree,Last comparedwith
CLC: TS943.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Does not match the shoes and feet can give a person a lot of discomfort, and even causedisease. At present, the domestic for the classification of the shoe size size limited to the leng-th of the foot, it is not enough. Shoemaking today not only pay attention to the appearance ofthe shoes design and epidemic, function and comfort has become a focus,"foot" custom isimperative. In order to help select the right shoe and size, this study by foot type3d scanningdata compared to the last matching work.Through the use of3d non-contact measurement technology for scanning and data acqui-sition of foot, get20to24years old young women foot3d model.By using SPSS software fordata processing. According to the probability distribution of these feature sizes,as well as thecorrelation between various sizes of main parameters describing foot types. Main parametersaccording to the thin foot type can be divided into type A,symmetrical type B,full-figured typeC three categories, combining with the existing national standard shoe size classification,segmentation of shoes shape standard. Three foot type and draw the corresponding auxiliaryparameter calculation type as shoemaking reference.Foot model is the basis of the shoe,it is not only a shoe model basis,to the foot of omfort,made their processing quality directly related to the quality of the shoe.Based on the measure-ment technology,reverse engineering technology can quickly produce the precise model of theshoes.This part mainly did the following several aspects:1) using non-contact3d scanners forthe feet of the initial point cloud data;2) using a reverse engineering software to get the shoetree model;3) using3d software to physical configurations.Shoe tree and inevitably exists geometry corresponding relationship between foot type,use between foot type and the last four dimensions,the corresponding relationship betweenfoot body product selection as the basis.This paper is to use the inside/outside of football longpoint,ZuZhang scarf,short foot back around,with all four sizes can effectively test the foot ty-pe and the suitability between the shoetree, with sufficient volume in the process of deforma-tion won¡¯t compression characteristics, were studied. In this paper, the four dimensions withsufficient volume invariance can efficiently measured foot type and suitability of the shoetree,and effectively as the auxiliary tool to choose shoes.This article first classified by determining the main parameters of the female foot typeand foot type data, the relationship between various sizes and then using the reverse engineer-ing based on foot to last3d data, will eventually get the shoe tree were compared with foottype and use to the matching shoes when buying. So the shoes shape points more detailed, forconsumers to choose suitable for shoes of his feet, and the fit and comfort of the shoes resear-ch has positive reference significance.
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