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Research on the Design and Development of Warp Knitting Outdoor Sports Fabrics

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Tutor: XiaFengLin
School: Jiangnan University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: warp knitting,outdoor sports fabric,fleece fabric,fabric performance,fuzzycompre
CLC: TS941.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Outdoor sports has became a popular sports in foreign countries, it has a widely massesbasis and big market space. In recent years, the domestic outdoor sports also begin to risingand developing rapidly, the rapid development has brought a broad market for outdoor sportsclothing, also put higher requirements for the demand of outdoor sports clothing and fabrics.The unique advantages of warp knitting fabrics make it very suitable for outdoor sportsclothing, like small divergence, good stability, good air permeability, moderate extention andgood heat preservation and so on. So the development of warp knitting outdoor sports fabricsmay bring more choices for outdoor sports clothing market, it can improve the wearability ofoutdoor sports clothing and widen the development space of warp knitting industry.In order to develop the excellent performance outdoor sports fabrics, this topic put a fullrange analysis for the performance requirement of outdoor sports fabrics, and according to thethree levels classification of outdoor sports clothing fabrics, built an criteria about keyperformance of outdoor sports fabrics. Introducing the common selection of raw material andthe structure design principle of warp knitting fabrics. Putting outdoor fleece fabric as anexample to proceed the structure design and fabric development, and analyzing theapplication design of warp knitting sports fabrics. Then testing the main heat and moisturecomfort and mechanical properties, including air permeability, moisture permeability, warmthretention property, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and bursting strength properties, thenmaking a comparative evaluation with the weft knitting fleece fabrics. According to the testresults, the fuzzy mathematical comprehensive evaluation method applied to manage the dataand analyze the advantages of warp knitting craft which used on the development of outdoorsports fabrics.Based on the test results of warp knitting fleece fabrics, found that the warp knittingfleece fabrics are better than the weft knitting fabrics with the heat moisture comfortperformance, including air permeability, moisture-penetrability and warmth retention property.In addition, the mechanical properties are relatively better than the weft knitting fabrics. Theweft knitting fabrics£¬abrasion resistance is better, but warp knitting fabrics,tensile propertyand bursting strength is better than weft knitting fabrics. And according to the results of fuzzymathematical comprehensive evaluation, the comprehensive properties of warp knittingoutdoor fleece fabrics are better than the weft knitting fabrics.According to the comprehensive evaluation results of fabrics,performance, and with thefabrics,high producing efficiency, quickly technical changes and other advantages. We shouldincrease the warp knitting fabrics,application and popularization on outdoor sports fleecefabric, and increasing the design and development of warp knitting fabric in underwear layerand out protective layer. At the same time, enhancing the function afterfinish technologyresearch and the use on warp knitting fabrics, developing warp knitting outdoor sports fabricswith more excellent performance.
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