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Study on Juan Cao Pattern of the Tang Dynasty in Dun Huang and Application in Fashion Design

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Tutor: HeYang
School: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Dun Huang,Juan Cao pattern,Pattern,Fashion desing
CLC: TS941.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Juan Cao pattern is the representative decorative patterns of the Tang Dynasty inDun Huang, which is of great important in Dun Huang Grotto Art. It has researchvalue for its various artistic elements and vivid manifestation. The author studied thepattern structure, constituent elements and color contrast of Dun Huang Tang DynastyJuan Cao pattern. By classifying and anglicizing the characteristics of Juan Caopattern from the visual aspect and aesthetic principles, author discussed the form andcontents of square well pattern and analysis the relationship between them. Inaddition£¬relationships between Dun Huang pattern and modern fashion design hadbeen discussed before the application of square caisson pattern on fashion design hadbeen done.The research not only enriched the study of Dun Huang art and culture fields, butalso add to great significance in the field of modern fashion design. In hope of gettingmore public awareness of Dun Huang art and the charm of Dun Huang pattern, suchresearch on Juan Cao pattern in the Tang Dynasty had been applied with innovation inmodern fashion design.
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