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A Study on the Product R&D Procedure of China's Women's Fashion Brand

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Tutor: ZhuGuangHao
School: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: product development,design management,fashion product planning
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Clothing is a product that meets both the physical needs and psychologicalneeds of people. With the enhancement of life quality, people are no longer contentwith the basic function of clothing such as warm keeping or bodyshape modiifcation£¬instead, the intangible value of clothing brand has become more and more valuable toconsumers, such as style, advocating values, the symbol of wealthand status etc..Since the reform and opening up, China the world¡¯s largest apparel OEM countrythanks to the stable economic environment£¬low raw material and labor costs. Themanufacturing ability and supply chain of Chinese manufacturing company havebecome mature, threrfore£¬they begin to create their own brands, hoping to make moreproift. In recent years£¬with China¡¯s accession to WTO, more and more foreignclothing brands have entered China¡¯s market with outstanding products£¬supply chainand back-oiffce management advantages, putting more pressure on Chinese localbrands. The author did an internship in Lancy Corporation for six months, participatedin their consumer research and competing brands research project, and found severaloutstanding issues in China¡¯s women¡¯s fashion brand such as unclear brandpositioning£¬lack of selling point, lack of serial development, poor store presentationetc., resulting in consumer¡¯s lack of brand loyalty, low price per customer and squaremeter eiffciency£¬and high inventory etc..The author analyzed the product development procedure of China¡¯s women¡¯sfashion brand based on communications, marketing and management theory. Byconducting a questionnaire on product design and development process to15 ¡¯womens fashion brands, the author found the bottlenecks and obstacles in thesebrands, and suggested an improved product design and development procedure. Thenew procedure can rearrange the product design and development workflow, improvethe eiffciency of processes, increase the depth and breadth of market research, enrichinformation reserves of designers£¬emphasis on corporate strategic positioning toguide product design and development and improve store image by introducing serialcollection based product planning.
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