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The Effect of Adjustable Underwear Pressure on Sustained Attention Based on ERPs

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Tutor: LiuLi
School: Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Foundation Underwear,Pressure Comfort,Sustained Attention,Event-RelatedPotential
CLC: TS941.17
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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More and more female has favored the foundation underwear within recent years. This ismainly due to its target function of refining the shape of human body. While clothing pressureheavily devaluate its subjective assessment from its wearers. What¡¯s more, clothing pressure alsoinfluences human body psychologically and physiologically whose feedback is not necessarilypositive. So it is natural that females favor and quest for more comfortable, healthier type of thisgarment. In fact, it has been widely studied the influence on human body physiologically ofclothing pressure world-widely and fruitful results have been accomplished. Nevertheless, veryfew researches consider both physiological and psychological aspects simultaneously. In thiswork, we studied the clothing pressure influence on tester¡¯s attention by measuring theirbrainwave activity. And mainly we employ the methods of Event-Related Potentials,(ERPs) asthe measuring way. In this work, we try to figure out an objective way of assessing the comfortof functional garment. And hopefully, it can be a reference to the designing and redirect ahealthier life for people.In this work, starting from a multidisciplinary view, we employ cognitive neurosciencemethod to do the garment research. We use the event-related potentials technique to studyclothing pressure comfort by measuring CNV band to investigate the impact of stress onattention maintaining. The experiment preparation: we got20sample testers,20~25years old,set BMI¡Ý23. For the result, we finally obtained16set of valid data. The main method is: thetesting clothes are pre-selected by subjective assessment those are with pretty large pressure.And then, we set up a control group besides the experimental group. We recorded CNV datarespectively. By comparison, it showed that: for the experimental group, CNV expectance waveamplitude significantly decreased within a short period after the experiment begun. P300latency was largely delayed. The brain main active region transferred from temporal lobe withoutpressure to frontal lobe which is under pressure.Conclusion: Research results show that ERPs is an effective method to evaluate the comfortof clothing pressure. Clothing pressure will heavily affect the ability of maintaining attention anddistract the attention of the testers. It also slows down the reaction speed of testers thus delay thedecision-making procedure and motion reaction period¡£
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