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Research on the Personalized Customization of Skinny Jeans for Women Based on MTM

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Tutor: WangJianPing
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Skinny jeans,MTM,NURBS,System generation,MATLAB
CLC: TS941.714.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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As the living standards and consumption levels rising, consumers¡¯ requirements for comfort and fitting of skinny jeans become higher and higher. Consumers will give up a pretty clothes because of wrong size and substandard figure.Based on the investigation of female trouser market, the static anthropometry and three-dimensional body scan, this research used NURBS curves technology to generate personalized skinny jeans system to satisfy the demands of consumers.Firstly, after investigating four aspects (basic information, dress behavior, consumer behavior and dress cognitive) of18to32years old young women, it could be found that respondents liking skinny jeansand were willing to try skinny jeans of personalized customization. Understanding the needs of customers and the common problems of skinny jeans on the current markets laid the theoretical foundation of female skinny jeans personalized customization research.Secondly, static measurements were carried out to200young women whose age ranged from18to32years old and27body data were obtained from everybody. Using data processing software SPSS:by clustered analysis, women¡¯s body types were divided into two main categories: height and girth. By factor analysis, the three principal components girth factor, height factor and length factor were extracted. Finally hip girth, waist girth, waist high, hip high, knee high and crotch depth were selected as the indicators reflecting the figure of women. By means of regression analysis, the regression equation was abtained, of which dependent variable was hip girth and two independent variables were hip width and hip thick.Thirdly, the basic theory and the processing technology of the system were introduced, including the theory knowledge and the NURBS curve interpolating technology, which briefly described the generation principle of the MTM digital garment, as well as the data structure of the digital garment and the generation process of personalized garment. The original advantages of the traditional skinny jeans pattern which used empirical formula were approved, and the deficiencies were also pointed out at the same time. The model of personalized skinny jeans based on MTM was defined. And the relationship between the generated model and the personalized data was made clear. The3D body data information from [TC]2were scanned and stored in.ord data files (English form), and the names of key positions having relationship with the design system were translated. Then data auto-filter were achieved by MATLAB software.Finally, chapter5detailed the designing process of the platform. On the basis of three-dimensional data extraction, the personalized customization of skinny jeans system realized by using MATLAB software and NURBS technology. Based on the generated trousers pieces, jeans were modified and made. Then a five-tier evaluation scale was designed to evaluate overall comfort of8jeans subjectively, and the ideal evaluation effect verified the feasibility of personalized customization of skinny jeans system.This paper helps meeting the consumer demand and expanding the jean market, which provides new ideas for the follow-up women skinny jeans customization research and has theoretical significance and production application value.
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