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A Study on Processing Costs Rapid Estimation Method of the Clothing Product

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Tutor: ZhuXiuLi
School: Zhejiang University of Technology
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Apparel products,Processing costs,Quick Estimate,Wavelet Neural Network,Ant Colo
CLC: TS941.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Must also be With consumers living standard continues to improve and apparel market is increasingly competitive, and the pursuit of the competitive environment of rapid response capability, the garment enterprises in order to improve economic efficiency, not only the need to improve product quality and production efficiency, effective cost control and management. On the fast processing offer in the billing process is one of the key aspects of clothing production and rapid response, but how fast processing cost estimates has become the one of the key bottlenecks that affect clothing products processing offer apparel products. Therefore, the to apparel products processing costs quickly estimate for the research purpose, method of research as the core content, the integrated use of artificial intelligence and data mining technology, trying to make new contributions to the rapid estimation methods of processing costs for apparel products. The cost estimates in the domestic and international research has made certain achievements, but the labor-intensive garment industry, cost estimation method has been eclipsed. Detailed cost estimation methods of estimation accuracy is high, but its development requires a large amount of information and time, which is obviously not suitable to be applied to estimate the processing costs of clothing products from the point of view of the billed; quick estimate of the development costs low part of the cost, The estimation process is fast, but its accuracy is poor. Based on this, we use adaptive ant colony wavelet neural network as apparel products processing cost estimation methods, and case studies to examine the estimation method and feasibility. Apparel products, processing cost rapid method for assessing the billed (virtual garment enterprises) perspective, the study of leisure brand clothing enterprises, the focus on apparel products to build a quick estimate of the processing cost of index system, the thesis research The content includes the following main areas: (1) conduct on-site investigations of garment enterprises and their suppliers, production management, cost management, combined with the clothing processing fees, cost management, processing quotations theory, from apparel products, suppliers, market environment and other aspects of comprehensive analysis of the main factors to affect apparel products processing costs. (2) a comprehensive analysis of the characteristics of various processing cost estimation methods, according to the characteristics of clothing and apparel products, the choice of wavelet neural network adaptive ant colony as the estimation method. (3) apparel production management expert interviews and questionnaires to collect the advice of experts, according to the characteristics of adaptive the ant colony wavelet neural network estimation methods to determine the main factors affect apparel products processing costs, and thus build apparel products processing costs quick estimate of the index system. (4) of this article by writing adaptive ant colony wavelet neural network MATLAB language program, combined with expert advice, select apparel products processing costs known as the training sample, and upcoming apparel products under a single estimate. The estimates and the actual cost of the analysis is verified by comparing the effectiveness and feasibility of the research and estimation methods. The paper identified the main factors apparel products processing costs, including quality requirements, delivery requirements, process complexity, the volume of orders, the clothing category, the degree of competition in the market and the customer relationship. Estimate constructed clothing product processing cost index system based on the processing cost estimates and the actual processing costs of error is very small. Show that this approach is consistent with the actual needs of the apparel production management. The results of this study to the the garment enterprises processing quotations, cost control and management to provide some reference value conducive garment enterprises to establish long-term win-win cooperation with its suppliers. Processing quick estimate of the cost of research methods and ideas for clothing enterprises provides a quick estimate of apparel products processing cost of a new perspective.
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