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Lujin heritage and process optimization studies

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Tutor: ChenJianWei
School: Qingdao University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Lu Brocade,Technics,Development,Marketing
CLC: J523.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Lu Brocade, a kind of cotton fabric by hand-spinning, hand-weaving and naturally dying produced in southwest Shandong, named coarse cloth, homespun and soil fabric, for its fine weaver and plain design, and gorgeously as Brocade, it is named" folk brocade of southwest Shandong" by Industrial Art Research Institute of Shandong Province in 1985, referred to Lu Brocade. Lu Brocade is an outstanding intangible cultural heritage in our country with a glorious developing history and rich local characteristics. Lu Brocade not only possesses high historical, cultural value, aesthetic value and social value, but also high economic value. But Lu Brocade is confronted with the situation of disappearing under the impact of modern civilization.Firstly, based on the survey on the spot of southwest Shandong and document inquiry, this dissertation discusses the natural environment, living conditions and developing process of Lu Brocade, combs the traditional process of Lu Brocade and deeply discusses Lu Brocade in several aspects, from colour, design, pattern, materials to culture; and analyzes the preserved developing situation of Lu Brocade, discusses the value of inheritage development of Lu Brocade with modern people¡¯s consumer psychology; secondly, analyzes the propects of Lu Brocade products, classifies these products, explores the marketing strategies applied for the development of Lu Brocade combined with the characteristics of Lu Brocade; finally, using experiment testing and theoretical analysis methods, weighes the durability through tensile breaking work, tear strength, abrasion ressistance these three targets, concludes that evenness CV value affects the durability remarkablely, optimizes and analyzes the crafts of Lu Brocade.The dissertation lies in combing the weaving, colour, design, pattern, materials and culture of Lu Brocade, forms the more comprehensive and systematic picture data and theoretical explanation; optimizes and analyzes the durability of Lu Brocade in technical aspects, concludes that evenness CV value affects the durability remarkably; puts forward four producing modes of Lu Brocade:hand-spinning and hand-weaving, hand-spinning and weaving by machine, spinning by machine and hand-weaving and spinning by machine and weaving by machine.
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