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Study on the Creative Design of Hand-knitted Sweater

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Tutor: ChenYan
School: Suzhou University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: hand-knitted sweater,creativity,design
CLC: TS184.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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The history of hand-knitted sweater can be dated back to long ago and hand knitting was widely distributed in people¡¯s life, therefore became one of the most common manual activities in society. In this regard, hand-knitted sweater has played a very significant role in the long period of people¡¯s life. Nowadays, on the one hand, this kind of craft is on the verge of diminishing with the passage of time and is being replaced by massive industrial machine production. On the other hand, the transformation and invention of design, enabled the modern hand-knitted sweater to change from the old single form to artistic fashion sweater. Besides, the delicacy and uniqueness of the hand-processing made hand-knitted sweater standout among fashion clothing and an irresistible trend for people who advocates of fashionable and novel clothes. In other words, it has become a high profit industry. This article mainly deals with hand-knitted sweater by analyzing the differences and developments in style and modeling between traditional hand-knitted sweater and modern fashion sweater. From the wearability of sweater fabrics and the aesthetic point of view, this article digs deep into the creative pioneering in the aspects of yarns, styles, organizational structures and decoration. Therefore, it sums up the ideas and approaches for invention. Finally, the designs of hand-knitted sweater can be put into practice. By the creative discussions and practices of the hand-knitted sweater, we are determined to reveal the changing factors outside its rich history, to present its aesthetic and popularity in an attempt to coruscate the glory of hand-knitting again and ensure this old knitting craft can be passed down and developed with the passage of time. On another thought, it can also provide a reference for companies in need.
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