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Features and Application of Apparel Brand Logo

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Tutor: ChenYan
School: Suzhou University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Clothing brand,Logo design,Voice,Rhetoric,Pattern,Color
CLC: F426.86
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Clothing brand logo not only reflects the characteristics of the apparel products, also carries clothing enterprise culture, increase the added value for the clothing brand, more and more attention of garment enterprises. How to build a successful clothing brand identity, is now a hot topic in the highly anticipated. In this paper, the clothing brand logo for the study, to be analyzed by a multi-disciplinary perspective. First, a broad survey of the domestic and international apparel brand identity, a collection of the 2290 apparel brand identity for this article. In this study, the clothing brand logo deconstruction of text and graphics of two parts, and then analyze and research use of linguistics, semiotics, sociology and psychology. The text part of the brand identity is decomposed into two elements of the name and slogan. In this paper, the pronunciation of the brand name, the naming and meaning, and the slogan pronunciation, rhetoric, and the meaning of a more comprehensive analysis of; and collected clothing brand identity instance verified. The research showed that the name and slogan of the apparel brand identity in the pronunciation, words, rhetoric and methods should comply with certain rules. The graphics part of the brand identity is decomposed into two elements of the pattern and colors. In this study, the pattern of the apparel brand identity manifestation and implication for a more in-depth Analysis, summarized and refined artistic pattern. For each of the role of brand identity colors, features, combinations and symbolizes Lenovo, and collected clothing brand identity verification, sum up and draw the basic rules of the pattern and colors of the clothing brand identity design. In order to understand the clothing brand identifies the impact on consumers, the market survey, select the survey, statistical analysis of survey data, starting from the survey consumer apparel brand identity cognitive psychology perspective, combined with language theoretical knowledge, behavioral psychology, cultural and aesthetic depth to elaborate on the findings and summarized comparative analysis apparel brand identity elements impact on consumers. On the basis of the above analysis, from the tone, shape, characteristics, performance practices and design features of the four elements of the meaning of the three dimensions of the clothing brand logo summarized, summarized from the foundation to meet the psychological needs of consumers out of the four elements of the design rules. Clothing brand identity design rules proposed in this study on the basis of research and analysis and market research, the empirical analysis. A successful example is randomly selected from the collection of a large number of apparel brand identity, and analysis from each of the four aspects identified by name, slogan, patterns and colors, the apparel brand identity design rules to verify accuracy. This study also apply the rules the apparel brand identity design practice, in order to verify the feasibility of the design rules proposed in this study. The research results show that the the apparel brand identity design is a system work, from the four elements of the design should consider only meet the Otomi, brand identity shaped the United States and has deep meaning requirements to be able to have a more obvious identification compared large influence. This study provide practical and strong operational guidance for garment enterprises in brand identity design.
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