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The clothing enterprise quality cost management

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Tutor: ChenSuYing
School: Qingdao University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Cost of Quality,Data collection,Accounting,Analysis,Control and Optimization
CLC: F406.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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In today 's global apparel trade integration , China's garment industry is facing two major problems , First, the international market is increasingly demanding high quality of clothing , the lower the overall level of China 's apparel product quality ; second is the low labor costs in China The advantage is gradually lost. To deal with these two issues , China's garment enterprises must speed up the adjustment of industrial structure and the transformation of the traditional model of quality management and cost control , get rid of low - quality , low - efficiency conditions , the progressive realization of high-quality , high - efficiency goals . The thesis quality garment enterprises cost management , to clothing production management through the study of quality costs , rationalize and improve the quality of clothing , to reduce the cost of quality , and reduce the total cost of eventually make clothing , to maximize their profits , improve our the international competitiveness of clothing enterprises . First, the concept and development of the cost of quality , quality of cost accounting , analysis theory ; Secondly, the in internship research foundation , combined with the status quo of the garment factory , to determine the cost of the project is set quality garment enterprises , quality costing content and principles of quality cost data to explore the cost of quality control and optimization measures . Finally, the application of VFP technical design and development cost of quality management system . The system to achieve the automated accounting of the cost of quality data , query and analysis , and the results of the analysis to the report in the form of cost of quality output ; the autosave system also realized the cost of quality data , save a lot of manpower and material resources , and improve the work efficiency . Verify the superiority of the system , through the use of the garment enterprises have a role in promoting the development of garment enterprises .
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