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Analysis and Responses of Clothing Export Risks

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Tutor: ChenYan
School: Suzhou University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: clothing export,risk management,analysis of risks,risk responses,risk profile,ri
CLC: F752.62
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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The clothing export in China has historic growth opportunity in post-quota era. But by the world financial crisis, continuing appreciation of RMB rate, rising of labor cost, rapid increases in material and international trade protectionism, export of clothing industry is being confronted with great challenge of the complicated international market. To ensure the progress of the clothing export procedure, Study the clothing export risks is to keep away from the risks in the international clothing export, and find effective methods to cope with the risks.The study is based on reviewing and analyzing the operation process which imply or may imply the risk point round the clothing export procedure, instead of studying on every risk point, this paper focus on the main point of risk management by a comprehensive and multi-angle analysis. The objectives of the thesis are macro economy risks, exchange rate risks, price risks, target market risks, payment risks. As the risk case is representative of the risk management level in the clothing trade business, the research makes the best of all kinds of typical risk cases. Based on the analysis of risk cases, manifestation of risks is pointed out¡£The research attaches great importance to the reasons and characteristics of the risks, and put forward the details of methods for risk responses and risk prevention according to the different kind of risk.Macro- economy risks, exchange rate risks, price risks, target market risks, payment risks can be avoided and prevented to some extent. First, it should identify the types of the risk, and make a judgment whether the risk will bring about losses and the degree of the damage. If the degree of damage has been beyond the limit of the export company,it¡¯s better to stop the clothing export business; Second, it should point out feasible methods for risk prevention and risk responses immediately; Finally, it should continuingly improve and adjust the risks responses methods in the process of clothing export procedure to avoid or reduce the risks lost. The range of applicability for risk responses methods was fully taken into account in the research. According to the feathers of risks, it puts forward measures of prevention and control to different risks, and the applied value enhance further.
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