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The Application and Research of Business Intelligence for Small and Middle-Sized Fashion Enterprises

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Tutor: YangYiXiong
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Small and medium garment enterprises,Business Intelligence,Innovation management
CLC: TS941.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Today, the financial crisis has not dissipated, increasing competition at home and abroad, Chinese garment enterprises are facing the market environment has changed greatly. Small and medium garment industry before loading the line, accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, many enterprises are facing the threat. Enterprises to develop, to get rid of the crisis, you need to innovate. American economist Kuznets said: \bigger. Meso application of information technology in recent years, the field of business intelligence software has been given innovative qualities, many business owners hope that through business intelligence innovation management, improve decision-making ability to withstand operational risks. The business intelligence software stringent process requirements and high prices become hinder small garment enterprises to implement the intelligent management of important factors. How small and medium garment enterprises can raise the level of information, and enhance overall competitiveness, but also to reduce the economic burden of corporate management operations research focus of this article. Thesis through literature research, case studies and field research enterprise, small and medium garment enterprises resolve current management status and problems; reference to the current BI system functional design, combined with historical data sample enterprise data mining and modeling results presented for small and medium clothing enterprise features business intelligence system solutions. The main contents: ¢Ù elaborate domestic and international clothing enterprise status, and small and medium garment enterprises define the concept; based on the current development of business intelligence, including business intelligence architecture, key technology and part of the mainstream of business intelligence software application analysis; domestic and international forecasting theory and literature reviewed, and comparative analysis of different types of forecasting methods. ¢Ú The development status of small and medium garment enterprises SWOT analysis. Were selected for small and medium garment enterprises in Hangzhou Hangzhou Garments Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Jiang Jiansheng TY Group Co., Ltd. as a sample enterprises, through the depth of the case enterprise internship study, comparative analysis of small and medium garment enterprises in the application of information technology development status and Trends. ¢Û corporate history of the case through the sales data analysis, study of different types of products in various stages of the growth cycle curve distribution and proportion of sales, on the basis of recommendations made marketing decisions. In addition, proposed the need-based apparel products for the season cubic curve forecasting models and trend-based apparel products fit logarithmic curve smoothing forecasting model, and according to the actual business of these two models to analyze the data validation. ¢Ü based on the actual needs of small and medium garment enterprises analysis, combined with business forecasting model, designed to meet the characteristics of small and medium garment enterprises business intelligence system solutions. Program is divided into four modules, namely: basic information input module, the report query module, sales forecasting modules and intelligent production management module. For small and medium garment enterprises through the establishment of data mining analysis model, design streamline business intelligence system to try to make the capital investment in small enterprises, improve internal production management level, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, in order to explore our small and medium garment business information and provide a useful reference.
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