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Evolution of Women¡¯s Wear with Western Style

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Tutor: ChenYan
School: Suzhou University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: late-day,Western Women,costumes fabric,patterns,decoration
CLC: TS941.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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This paper described the past century, Western women¡¯s mid-15th century refers to the 18th century Western clothing, usually from the artistic style is divided into the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo three stages.In this paper, mainly through the past century, Western women¡¯s right profile of the evolution of the comb, fabric patterns and costumes of information collation, analysis of information through the pictures, focused on the past century, Western women¡¯s profile of the composition and characteristics of the use of fabric patterns , clothing decoration these three aspects, summed up the past century, Western women¡¯s style of personalized features, recognize its aesthetic and cultural values. With the prevailing social, economic and cultural development of the background, analytical style of the past century, the formation of Western women¡¯s causes, analysis of its development for the world, after Women played an active role.This paper is divided into five parts. The first chapter is the purpose of writing this paper, such issues as topics of significance of the narrative, the second chapter is the last century, Western women¡¯s modeling analysis. From the European Renaissance, when Western clothes out of the ancient and medieval tradition of style, into a new era of narrow clothing, the original pop the top and bottom of the robes was gradually connected to two combination or dress-style pants replaced by combinations of styles. The early Baroque period, women abandoned the clumsy design of the inconvenience of tights and a skirt stays, clothing, and all sag and multi-pleated skirt, skirt length and ground. Refreshing the image of woman with a natural and romantic atmosphere. To the Rococo period, the women¡¯s predecessor, triangular and rectangular combination of geometric modeling, with matching, the unique structure back into its style is one of the most important features.Chapter III is the last century, the study of Western women¡¯s fabric patterns. Fabric patterns through the fabric texture, pattern and composition of the form of subject matter, color matching and other aspects of the factors reflected in the different styles of fabrics will definitely affect the appearance of clothing. Chapter IV is the last century, the Western discussion of women¡¯s decorative. Women¡¯s performance in the past century, a chic western style structures and exaggerated styling tools, which fully embodies the Renaissance, the Western women¡¯s use of artificial means of shaping the characteristics, designers use fabric patterns, bows, ribbons, Heye Bian, frills, pile-fold, decorative buckle and other decorative material to conduct detailed and beautifully decorated and has been an unprecedented and fullest play. Chapter V summarizes the past century, Western Women against the characteristics of a general overview and described the past century Western women¡¯s shape features, fabric patterns and decoration of modern fashion design inspiration and influence.This paper seeks to historical facts based on hard truth, an objective description and assessment of the historical period of artistic creation, display of human material culture and spiritual culture of achievement in the arts, reflecting the artistic creation of the intelligence and ability. In the long history of artistic exchanges between the Middle East, the West also gave some attention, because it is the art of interaction between nations and promoting the prosperity of a certain kind of art style.
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