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Business Process Research on Terminal Sales for Apparel

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Tutor: WanYanMin
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Clothing terminal sales,Business processes,Index system,Overall framework,Fuzzy
CLC: F426.86
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Apparel terminal sales terminals as well as the final part of the value of the garment industry chain. Terminal sales, a good grasp of garment enterprises and upstream manufacturers all business activities in order to realize the market value. With the pattern of international apparel consumer market changes, the industry is becoming more competitive, brand garment enterprises in the degree of specialization of the terminal operators have become increasingly demanding. However, many problems exist in the process of terminal operators in urgent need of research and practice in management practices, process optimization, operational control. Try combing and screening the core content of apparel terminal sales business processes based on the combination of branded apparel business development needs, establish a reasonable business process file, including the content and format of the process, reach under the premise of the specification process for brand garment enterprises management practices, and provide reference for the purpose of operating effectively control. The six parts of this study, and to draw the appropriate conclusions: (1) the apparel terminal sales business processes Definition: a theoretical study, 30 women's brand manager survey questionnaire and six experts and scholars interviews, apparel terminal sales process definition foundation. (2) Clothing terminal sales business process status quo study: women's brands based on three case studies and a survey questionnaire of 30 women's brand manager, the terminal sales business process analysis apparel brand status quo. (3) apparel terminal sales business process research object classification screening based on research needs, this article of apparel terminal sales business processes in accordance with the terminal type classification, while reference to the theory of the value chain, terminal sales select Direct class ladies brand core business processes The object of study. (4) apparel terminal sales business processes index system and the establishment of the overall framework combined with internship experience through literature study, three indicators to tease out the clothing business processes of terminal sales and corrected index system manager survey questionnaire of 100 women's brands , six-level indicators, 17 secondary indicators and 47 three indicators; research division of the business processes and support processes, three index system of business processes, including the three-level indicators, 11 secondary indicators and 30 third-level indicators. Learn from the circulation of the three elements of business management, my internship experience, combined with literature research to establish the overall framework of the apparel terminal sales business processes, press process processing objects are drawn three business process maps logistics, capital flow and information flow, and finally through 10 Women brand manager interviews to determine the overall framework of the sales process. (5) core business processes based on fuzzy analytic hierarchy process screening judge under FUZZY-AHP model is constructed based on expert fuzzy for weight analysis of business processes established index system using MATLAB simulation software, the senior management of the eight brand clothing enterprises professional judgment by the results of model calculations, and then from the right to re-judge come to the sale of the core business processes for sales information feedback, goods and turnover, as well as day-to-day sales process. (6) establish reasonable clothing sales terminal core business processes compared to processes the file format of the 13 companies in eight industries, comparative analysis on the basis of the five women's brand enterprise business processes files, create a clothing terminal sales to core business processes, a total of file contains seven sub-processes, and by 10 depth interviews with women's brand manager, built in the early process of correction; questionnaire interviews with 12 women's brand manager, the validation process established file with practicality.
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