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Research on the Advertising Slogan of Fashion Brand

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Tutor: JiangZhiWei
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: fashion brand,advertising slogan,style evaluation,style likeability
CLC: F713.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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With enhancing the awareness of marketing communication, fashion brand slogan has been increasingly paying attention by fashion enterprises. Fashion brand slogan works as a bridge between enterprises and consumers, so it¡¯s significant to study on how to make it in line with the brand style and meet consumers¡¯likeability. This study focuses on both of the evaluation of fashion brand slogan style and the consumer¡¯s likeability by comprehensively analysis marketing communication, visual communication, language and psychology.This study can be divided into four parts:1) Definition and theoretical research. Defined the concept of fashion brand slogan based on literature research and professional interviews and elaborated visual linguistics, linguistics, style, evaluation and advertising psychology supporting this study.2) Analysis on fashion brand advertising slogan. Researched 518 fashion brands and collected 222 fashion brand advertising slogans by filed and network researches. Finally sorted out 3 types of fonts, syntax application by analysis on total 150 fashion slogans, separately 50 slogans of men¡¯s, women¡¯s wear, sportswear.3) Research on the evaluation system of fashion brand slogan. Clothing brand Slogans Style Evaluation System. Collected 37 pairs,38 pairs,37 pairs of semantic adjective separately for men¡¯s wear, women¡¯s wear and sportswear based on literature research and free association. Chose 3 types of brand slogan, separately 10 pairs of semantic adjective and 15 test samples to conduct psychological experiments to 25 participants after brainstorming and group discussion. Got 4 pairs of semantic adjective forming the evaluation system for 3 types of brand slang and sorted out the evaluation system for 3 types of brand slang based on the factor analysis of the experimental data.4) Research on consumers¡¯ psychological effect by the fashion brand advertising slogan. Conducted questionnaire surveys on likeability and style evaluation on3 types of slogan by total 360 people, separately 120 people of men¡¯s wear, women¡¯s wear, sportswear consumers and sorted out:the regression equations separately of slogan likeability-font likeability, slogan likeability-vocabulary likeability, slogan likeability-syntax likeability of 3 types of brand slogans; characteristics of font likeability, vocabulary likeability and syntax likeability; characteristics of style likeability. Finally sorted out the table of style likeability of 3 types of brand slogan.
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