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Study on Sleeves Structures of Women¡¯s Fitting Clothing

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Tutor: ChenYan
School: Suzhou University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: With sleeves,Sleeves structural design,Sodeyama high,Ate potential amount,Subjec
CLC: TS941.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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In today's society, people not only buy clothing clothing can reflect the personality characteristics and requirements have become more beautiful and comfortable. However, through research and garment enterprises in actual system board positions, pattern makers are generally rely on the experience of the system board, and its adaptability weaker, lack of functional comfort and beautiful shape of the plate; template design , the fit sleeve structure design has been a difficult to solve technical problems. System for more than the state of the industry, the subject of women's fit sleeves with cuff. First of all, the subject of human influence sleeves structure of static and dynamic body feature, the completion of the human upper limb when doing routine action angle measurement, and provide the scientific basis of the reference set amount of loose sleeves structural design and comfort evaluation. Second, the subject of comparative study of several the typical sleeves structural design method: the the Japanese culture the prototype with sleeves Law, base sample with sleeves Act and proportion with cuff method. The comparative analysis of each control parts of the data for these types of methods and formulas obtained data differences. Also points out the limitations common to the three methods. Based on more than several with sleeves limitations of the method, the subject of a new sleeves distribution method - axis with sleeves method and analysis with sleeves law how to achieve the armhole Sodeyama counterpoint consistent and eat potential amount control. Through the the discourse the sleeves structures of the major influencing factors to determine the fit sleeves sleeve high potential range of eat, and design experimental produced 15 experimental kind of clothing. Mathematical theory of variable measurement through key parts like clothing template data, regression analysis, the potential and the the sleeves high mountains and the armhole arc incremental regression equation derived total eat. Furthermore, the establishment of a subjective evaluation system to determine the static aesthetics and dynamic comfort evaluation and content, and the kind of clothing to do the evaluation of aesthetics and comfort. By comparing the analytical results of the evaluation, to come to the high value of both aesthetics and comfort sleeves structures sleeve. Finally, through the use of the above research, to the axis with sleeves the configuration five different sizes (150/76A 155/80A 160/84A 165/88A, 170/92A) clothing sleeves template and sample, by comparing the garments photos and model data to verify the reasonableness and practicality of the axis with the cuff method and experimental results for the the fit sleeve structure design to provide a theoretical draw.
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