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A Study About the Succession Problem for Clothing Family-Owned Business

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Tutor: JiangZhiWei
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses,Succession,Modle
CLC: F276.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses which establish during the late 1970s and early 1980s played a decisive role in China¡¯s garment industry. Through effort of nearly 30 years, They are facing or has already entered The transfer of leadership from the first generation to the second generation. Successful succession is a strategic problem for the subsistence and development of Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses or Brand clothing. So, The specialized research on the succession problem of Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses has important real significanceFollowing is the main content:(1) Discussion the necessity and importance of research on problem for the succession of Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses.(2) Based on the definition of "Family", "business", "Family Business" and the general theory of succession. Gives a explanation of "clothing family business" and "succession" concept analyzed. Discussed abouf"Behavior Theory", "personality", "The relationship between personality and behavior theory", "Stakeholder Theory", "Family Business System theory of Gersick" and Model Theory. (3) In the analysis of yearbooks, journals, newspapers, websites, and family businesses, preparation Chinese Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses development of Event List. As general historical phase partition method. divided Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses of our country¡¯s development process into four stages. Summed up the general development of Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses of our country including four factors,such as development backgrounds, a form of existence,enterprise scale, and marketing tool. Through actual case analysis of succession characteristics of clothing family business at home and abroad.(4) on the basis of Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses leaders and senior managers-depth interviews and questionnaires, Analysis of the sample companies and interviews with the basic situation of the object. On this basis, Analyze the developmental situation of enterprise, enterprise succession status, source of successor, successor¡¯competency, takeholder¡¯s impact on the succession. Discussion leaders and senior management on these issues¡¯s similarities and differences. From behavioral theory of Lewin,Take the leader in gender, age, education, personality, and in which the succession of the environment as the background variables. Discuss the leadership¡¯s attitude of succession under the conditions of different backgrounds. put together Leader¡¯s succession attitude variable on Conditions of different backgrounds. (5) on the basis of family succession in business model and empirical research. From the perspective of process analysis practicality. Build an Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses¡¯s ideal succession model.This paper, from the perspective of main stakeholders (business leaders and senior managers) perspective. Focuses on succession problems on different background conditions. Build an Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses¡¯s ideal succession model. research angle and methods is one attempt. The conclusions are approved by the leadership and senior managers. This article has some reference value on Clothing Family¡ªowned Businesses¡¯s successful succession.Wang Chuan(Fashion Design and Engineering)Supervised by Vice-Prof. Jiang Zhiwei
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