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Study on Assessment of Fashion Print Advertisement Based on Visual Attention Mechanism

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Tutor: LiMin
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Visual attention mechanism,Apparel print ads,Eye Movements,Advertising effective
CLC: F713.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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With the increasing demand of the rapid development of the garment industry and the general public of clothing, garment enterprises more and more attention to the shape of the product and brand. Marketing model continued to diversify, fashion print ads this important marketing tool in shaping the apparel brand image plays an irreplaceable role. Meanwhile, the international designer clothes with a wealth of experience in brand management, strong financial seize the Chinese market and rapid expansion, though they have strong production and processing capacity, but brand clothing in marketing lack of capacity, especially in the visual marketing and advertising planning put and international brands, there is a great gap. Fashion print ads there are also many problems, such as marketing object is not prominent, obvious advertising effectiveness. Scientific evaluation of clothing advertising effectiveness research has a very important practical significance. This study is based on the effect of visual selective attention mechanism theory, starting from the visual elements of the apparel print ads on the ad. On the one hand print ads is the impact to consumers through a specific visual stimulus, thus the formation of the products and brand awareness, so as to achieve marketing effectiveness; On the other hand, consumer print ads in the performance of the content is selective attention and understanding of the formation of cognitive concept is also different. Therefore, the visual elements in the fashion print ads have a critical influence on the effect of advertising. Firstly Advertising psychological effect evaluation typical of Edward K. Strong five-stage model based on the combination of the characteristics of the clothing advertising, increase brand evaluation of the effectiveness content, the formation of the the complete costumes plane advertising effectiveness evaluation model. And in six basic print ads visual elements, based on the purpose, to exclude obvious elements, select the ad color, image, logo and copywriting four visual elements of the indicators of significant assumptions to be verified in further research and experiments. On advertising effectiveness study, using a questionnaire survey and eye-tracking experiment two ways, and strive to more comprehensive and scientific results. According to the advertisement involved in the theory and product involved in the theory with the type of clothing brand to determine international designer clothes as a research brand; apparel print advertising media studies based on 226 seasonal advertising as an alternative experimental material selected from the \advertising professionals to discuss and reference brand ranking and target visual elements of characteristics, screening out Luo Yi-Wei (Loewe), Chanel (Chanel), Yves Saint Laurent (Yves Saint Laurent) and Montblanc (Mont blanc) four costumes plane advertising as an experimental material carried out the design of the questionnaire and research. According to the characteristics of the clothing brand in the present study, the research on the basis of experimental questionnaire, Ogilvy \u0026 Mather International Advertising Co., Ltd., the Jaime Creative Consulting Co., Ltd., Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Shanghai Institute of Shanghai orange Information Technology Co., Ltd. professional and non-professional practitioners by the company for a total of 120 questionnaires research. The survey data with SPSS17.0 scale quality inspection; descriptive analysis sample basic characteristics and preference; Through factor analysis, the load and the order of importance of the effective factors of the various visual elements of group 7; through correlation analysis The judgment of the visual elements and the effect of specific psychological stages and brand effect relevance. One-way ANOVA test significant impact on advertising attention to changes in visual elements, three of which hypothesis is true, one does not hold. Advertising effectiveness studies mostly used the questionnaire survey, less experimental, especially apparel advertising is still in the blank stage. Eye-tracking experiment objective record of the test object indicators of visual attention, to facilitate visual effects analysis. In this study, the method of Donghua University and 30 students of the School of Management is divided into two groups of professional and non-professional experiment the to generate focusing Figure (Focus Map), to monitor the road map (Scan Path), a heat map (Heat Map) and interest in time diagram (Gridded AOIs) four types of saliency map; comparative study between different visual elements and subjects. According to the experimental design, advertising color tones, graphics and letters logo, background presence or absence of the six elements of the model, copywriting and physical display, and the text size, as well as professional and non-professional object change test of significance, KPI (Key Performance Indicators) results in fixation duration and fixation of variance analysis, the fixation time on the five contrast there are significant differences, the fixation point three contrast significant difference. Finally, according to the results of experiments and research summarizes the importance of the various visual elements in the print ads, the difference between the different types of advertising audience, as well as elements of advertising the overall effect, the psychological effect and brand effect. Brand clothing print ads advertising strategy to make reasonable suggestions.
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