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Development of the Sizing System for the Dressform Based on the Brand Positioning

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Tutor: WangChaoZuo
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: brand positioning,antrpometrisch,smatotype,3D dressform sizing system
CLC: TS941.17
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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With development of garment industry, people¡¯s requirement for garment comfort is increasing. Garment enterprises take more attention on dress form as it is important tool in garment designing and producing. The current domestic dress form size is not suitable and no dividing of body. The industrial dress form size series do not satisfactory need of brand manufacturers who are on different market position. Many top brand companies have to us industrial dress form from japan or Europe. The difference of body seriously impact domestic fation market share.This paper starts from size dividing system of industrial dress form which service brand position and obtained 183 female figure date in shanghai whose age between 18 to 40 by TC 3D scanner. Then set up dress form size dividing system service for above people.Through surveying information of using dress form in female garment enterprises, the own-brand companies need high requirement for dress form. By describing for obtained female body feature and comparing for different age female body, the paper propose to divide shanghai female whose age between 18 to 40 into 2 ranges:18-30 and 31-40. then let difference of body more be clear. it also suggest to add age factor when making sizing series.Using main factor analyze body dividing index and chose 3 special index(bust, height and girth between chest depth and waist depth) from top 3 main factors to set up body size system, using girth of chest and waist depth as dividing index, the body figures are divided into 4 categories:S,R,M,H. the result express body line of female from clear to non-clear,9 representative index are obtained in expressing difference of body from.According to result of body dividing, this pater divide body into 6 categories:S-20,R-20,R-30,M-20,M-30,H-30. it also get the date of main part and control part by calculating average figure. According std, normal school feature calculate range for every body size of main part and control part, then set up dress form size system which service 5.4 series of brand position. Through calculating fitness and breast and waist girth and flatting relativeity for main part to evidence this research is suitable!The paper just using height and bust to describe traditional garment size system, and it can not reflect complex feature of body. The paper has added index of body depth when dividing dress form size. And improve the 2D size system to 3D size system of dress form. It can describe 3D feature of body more clearly and has innovation significance.
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