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The Comparative Research of Clothing Brand Evolution between China and Italy

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Tutor: JiangZhiWei
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: clothing brand,historical staging,historical quantitative analysis,comparative r
CLC: F426.86
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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How to implement the clothing brand strategy and develop its own brands especially those with international influence has undoubtedly become a major task. The historical research is to explore change law and staging the history is basic. Involving literatures related to clothing brand history, staging standards and the corresponding period modes have not been established yet. This paper aims at finding the gaps with the brand strong country and grasping China¡¯s clothing brand trends in the future.1. The establishment of both countries¡¯ clothing brand memorabilia and chronology separately.2. The establishment of modern clothing brand historical stages separately.3. The establishment of clothing brand trends in the future separately.4. Completion of the similarity and difference comparison tables of historical stages and trends.Through theoretical analysis, concept definition, research hypothesis, program design, literature review, interviews with experts and clothing industry practitioners, marketing research, data mining and the summary, this paper is committed to reveal the different brand stages¡¯ characters and the brand historical laws.This paper is expected to be completed by the following:1. Summarized theories related clothing brand and historiography.2. Firstly used the descriptive analysis to establish both countries¡¯ clothing brand memorabilia, and secondly established both countries¡¯ modern clothing brand history staging tables by dividing China into three parts and Italy four parts, and thirdly established the comparative table and the chronology.3. Refined eight studying angles which reflected the most important changes of both countries¡¯clothing brand evolution and requested the views of 10 experts, thereby established six angles and put forward six teams with a total of 12 hypothesis. Sampled a total of 102 apparel brands through literature reviews and market research and obtained information on the constituent elements of each brand through first and secondary hand data. Then make 102 clothing brand sample data and used cluster analysis and frequency analysis to prove its rationality and effectiveness.4. Adopted quantitative analysis method of historical research to test the hypothesis. Firstly used SPSS statistical software to make cross tabulation analysis and contingency test and accordingly get six relationship comparative tables of clothing brand stages and each angle including the brand character, the core product, brand positioning, brand management, brand strength and the development stage. Secondly make the overall trend matrix of different angels and the trend matrix of each item of the classification (a total of 26 items). Finally get comparative table between China and Italy¡¯s clothing brand history stages.
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