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Research on Consumer¡¯s Intention to Purchase Knitted Slimming Underwear in Shanghai

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Tutor: LiMin YangYiXiong
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: knitted slimming underwear,purchase intention,logistic regression,artificial neu
CLC: F426.86
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Modern women pay more attention on their body shapes; they want to present the best by wearing slimming underwear. Therefore, a lot of well-known companies start to increase the production of slimming underwear; meanwhile Chinese local companies have begun to emerge. China will soon play a very important role in the underwear market. However, the domestic slimming underwear market has some problems now, for example they have huge market share, but mostly homogenize, basic concepts exited but not clear. The consumer has already questioned about the problems. As a competitive resource, customer has become the center of the modern marketing. So this article takes the intention to purchase as a starting point, and analysis of the impact factors of purchase intention, and then predicts accurately customers¡¯purchase of slimming underwear.Through studying literatures, based on the theory of customers planned behavior and the theory of customers¡¯perceptual characteristics, and using interviews and researching market, brainstorming and other methods, this research finally got 292 valid samples. By using SPSS 17.0, the samples were analyzed and tested from different aspects, the reliability of the questionnaires, the validity of data, and the factors that related to the intention of purchase. The research also selects relevant factors so as to build up large Logistic regression model, and uses Matrix laboratory software MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) to establish multi-input (impact factor), single-output (purchase intention) of the artificial neural network model.The main results are as follows:¢ÙThe results of studying 25 underwear brands of five major shopping district in Shanghai show that:nowadays almost all the underwear brands have branches on knitted slimming underwear. A lot of them sell on the third floor with an area of 12 to 25 square meters in shopping malls. Knitted slimming underwear has a lot of kinds, in which the ones that help to build up waist has a large share, but the display is not enough. POP settings of brands, display and service are factors that impact the consumers¡¯intention of buying knitted slimming underwear.¢ÚThis research chooses women that are over 18 years as a subject. Research sample consist of 90.4% of consumers that are with the age 18 to 35.40.4% of consumers work in companies. About seventy percent of the research object are standard weighed or partial fat.Most of the objects buy slimming underwear through internet, mainly for daily usage or for reshape after give birth and for attending important meetings. Most consumers prefer flesh-colored, simple and elegant style. More than half of consumers want to reshape their waist by wear functional underwear.¢ÛEight factors that affect the intention of consumers to buy slimming underwear been found out by principal component analysis, namely, product knowledge, perceived gains, risk attitude, physical security risks, mistake share risk, psychosocial risk, financial risk and subjective norms. The correlation analysis and single factor analysis of variance identified 13 factors that are significantly correlated with purchase intention are:product knowledge, perceived gains, physical safety risks, psychosocial risks, subjective norm, risk attitude, attitudes, age,, education, occupation, marriage, children age, body type.¢ÜThe research use the 13 factors that are significant correlated with intention to purchase as independent variables, and intention to purchase as dependent variables, builds up the logistic regression model, with a prediction accuracy of 80.8%. The BP neural network is built by using all factors that affect the intention to purchase intention been used as input layer, and purchase intention as the output layer, with a prediction accuracy of 97.6%. The results show that, on predicting the intention to purchase, BP neural network model has a higher accuracy prediction than the Logistic regression model.The study and modeling on predictive model of consumers¡¯intention to purchase can be helpful and referenced for domestic underwear companies to make strategic decisions and better manage the market.
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