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Research on the Soft and Posture-adjustable Mannequin for Clothing Pressure Test

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Tutor: ZhangWenBin
School: Donghua University
Course: Fashion Design and Engineering
Keywords: Skeleton model,posture-adjustable,soft mannequin,brassier,clothing pressure test
CLC: TS941.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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According to the need of clothing pressure test in the research on the wearing comfort, in this paper it focused on developing a posture-adjustable mannequin for female upper body. Standard female skeleton model was used as its inner frame, skin-like materials as its outer surface. Moreover, a posture-adjustable artificial joint was designed to simulate human different postures. The whole design of this posture-adjustable mannequin was close to the upper body, which made up the limitations of conventional mannequin on hard materials and nonadjustable posture.Firstly, the basic structure of the female upper body was analyzed and studied, including skeleton, muscle and skin texture. It was an essential preparatory work for developing posture-adjustable and skin-like mannequin. Then the data of adult female in East of China was collected and analyzed by SPSS. It was an important reference for the size of posture-adjustable mannequin.Secondly, on the basis of human anatomy and kinematics mechanism, the characteristic of human joint and movement principle was used to design the feasible project and operate it. Then shoulder joint, elbow joint and mannequin bracket were designed and made. The shoulder joint was made of ball bearing, so it had the movement function of bending, extending and rotating in multi-direction. The elbow joint had the function of bending.Thirdly, the foam robber was used to imitate the body¡¯s muscle on the posture-adjustable Skeleton model. The breast that was made of high-quality silicone and polyurethane was similar to natural breast whether in the density, flexibility or the sense of hanging. The size of mannequin was controlled by the data of adult female in East of China. The smooth and high-elastic fabric was used to simulate the surface skin.Finally, the apparel pressure of mannequin and person were tested to find the difference. According to data processing and analysis the parameter regression model of dummy was established. The experiment was conducted to test the parameter regression model. The goal that the posture-adjustable mannequin was used to substitute person for the test of the apparel pressure was finished.The posture-adjustable mannequin of female upper body that was researched in this paper not only had skin-feel surface, but also could simulate the different postures of human. It preliminarily met the research on the test of the wearing comfort of underwear such as brassier. It provided a good information carrier and an important technology platformfor for further research on clothing comfort and company¡¯s practical application.
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