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The Research on Underwater Video Communication Based on DM365

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Tutor: HuangYiWang
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: video,compression,H.264,DM365
CLC: TN919.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Underwater video communication with informative and intuitive features attracted moreand more attention, underwater video communications technology and exploring thecompression algorithm suitable for underwater video communication features have become anew hot spot for underwater acoustic field.The main purpose of this thesis is the design and implementation of underwater videocommunication real-time compression system. The system uses TI company of DaVinci seriesDSP: DM365as the core processor, the kernel ARM9is responsible for the overall systemcontrol, and the video coprocessor is for video compression and decompression of standardH.264. The core board and the backplane which is designed and developed for the systemspecially constitute the platform for the system together.Functionally, the system is divided into two systems, the sender and the receiver. At thesender end, the video data is captured by camera, then the data is compressed in H.264format,and at last the compressed data is send out though the Ethernet port by TCP/IP protocol to theUnderwater Acoustic Modem which would send the data to the underwater acoustic channel.Similarly with the send process above, at the receiver end, the data which comes from theunderwater acoustic channel is received by Underwater Acoustic Modem firstly, the data issend from the Modem to our system, after decoded by the system, the video can be recoveredand displayed on the screen. This system is developed by C programming language in Linuxenvironment to achieve the above functions, and both ends of the system uses the idea ofmulti-threaded to execute those tasks at the same time.Finally, the system is verified by a pool experiment, and the experiment showed that: thissystem operation is stable and reliable, the video recovered by the system is clear, coherentand content identification.
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