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Method of Vector Array Broadband Constant Beamwidth Beamforming

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Tutor: ShiShengGuo
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Radiated noise measurements,Constant beamwidth beamforming,Notch filter
CLC: TN911.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Radiated noise of underwater targets for broadband signal radiated noise measurementmethod, which requires the use of broadband signal processing techniques. Broadbandconstant beamwidth beamforming method is an important part of the radiated noisemeasurement technique. Vector array beamforming technology combined with constantbeamwidth beamforming methods, become more and more important in the process ofmeasurement of radiated noise. Sound pressure array constant beamwidth beamformingmethods and vector array constant beamwidth beamforming, respectively, were studied andanalyzed.On the basis of sound pressure array beamforming theory, combined with the principleof parameter estimation and signal off-line reconstruction on Notch filter, establish soundNotch filter-based sound pressure array narrow-band beamforming method. Different phasecompensation by the different signal frequencies, establish the method of Notch filterbroadband constant beamwidth beamforming. However, the sound pressure arraybeamforming existent the problem of " around fuzzy", limits the application of sound pressurearray constant beamwidth beamforming method.Vector array beamforming by the combination of sound pressure and velocity eliminate¡°around fuzzy "phenomenon, and the array gain is higher than the sound pressure array.Through theoretical analysis and simulation comparison, verify that the vector array ofbroadband constant beamwidth beamforming method is effective, and the superiority of soundpressure array constant beamwidth beamforming method.Finally, based on the Notch filter broadband constant beamwidth beamformingmethod,designed pool experiment. Through the processing and analysis of pool experimentaldata, the experimental results show that Notch filter broadband constant beamwidthbeamforming has good constant beamwidth effects.
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