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Research and Realization of Low-frequency Interference System

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Tutor: ZhaoAnBang
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: underwater acoustic warfare,low-frequency interference,ship-radiated noise,DEMON
CLC: U666.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the exploration of the ocean, people increasingly recognize that the ocean will bethe basic environment for human to survive. The ocean which covers Earth71%surface areacontains abundant resources. At the same time, the ocean has an important military position.The submarine is always the main weapon of the navy. But with the quickly development ofthe anti-submarine, in particular, the development of towed array sonar, there has been aserious threat to the survival of the submarine. How to solve the submarine¡¯s safety issue iswithout delay.In order to protect the safety of the submarine and prevent the submarine¡¯s radiated noisedate collected by the towed array sonar, low-frequency interference system is proposed in thispaper. The system is installed in the law enforcement ship. When the sonar is detecting thesubmarine, we can use the system to interfere it, and making it¡¯s received SNR drasticallyreduced. Then, the sonar can not distinguish the target of interest, or even it only can detectthe source of interference. The minimum goal of the system is to make the target can not bemonitored by the enemy¡¯s towed array sonar. The highest goal is to produce the fake radiatednoise data of the submarine and surface ships, to interfere the enemy¡¯s database.This paper first gives the jamming program of the low-frequency interference system,and researches the system¡¯s effective source level, the interference area and the treatmenteffect. Then, there is a study on the DEMON spectrum of ship-radiated noise and thesimulation of the typical noise spectrum of ship-radiated noise. There are three classicdemodulation methods. They are Hilbert demodulation, the absolute value of the low-passdemodulation and the square demodulation. There are two methods of purification DEMONspectrum. And the Lake test data were processed. The system has two parts. They arehardware and software. The software is designed with Visual C++to control the signaltransmission and acquisition. Finally, the test of the system in the sea was introduced.
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