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Signal Receiving and Processing Platform Hardware Design for Avoidance Sonar

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Tutor: WangYan
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: avoidance sonar,signal conditioning,signal processing,anti-aliasing filtering,op
CLC: TN911.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Sailing underwater, UUV must be equipped with avoidance sonar to avoid obstacles andsail safely.A hardware platform of digital processing of avoidance sonar for UUV wasdesigned in this thesis,which is composed of digital receiving module,signal processingmodule,transmitter module, network communication module and power management module.According to the actual needs of the system in engineering applications, function of eachmodule and framework structure was devised.The receiving module is used to convert thereceiving signal from differential signal to single-ended signal,to amplify the signal,to carryout anti-aliasing filtering,to achieve opto-isolation and analog-to-digital conversion.Thedigital processing module is applied to achieve real-time processing of digital signal.Thetransmitter module is employed to achieve the digital-to-analog conversion,low-pass filteringand opto-isolation electrocircuit focusing on the signal of transmit.The networkcommunication between the avoidance sonar systems and other systems is realizedthrough the network communication module.The entire system is provided stable powersupply by the power management module.On the basis of a needs analysis of the eachmodule,main devices were selected reasonably for each module.Then hardware circuit wasdesigned.Finally,the test of each circuit ensures that the entire hardware platform can be putinto the project.The simplified design method for multi-channel PCB and measurementmethod of the channel consistency were described briefly.Pool experiment and lake test verifies that the hardware platform of digital processing ofavoidance sonar which is designed in this paper meets the requirements in aspects of thefeatures and technical specifications.It works stably and reliably.The desired objectives areachieved.
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