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Hardware Design and Implementation of High-Frequency Doppler Velocity Log

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Tutor: LuFengChun
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: doppler velocimetry,transducer matching,filter,sonar receiver
CLC: U666.15
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Observation and measurement in the water, the sound wave is still the best choice. Theacoustic doppler velocity log is a positioning and navigationequipment,it is developed usingunderwater acoustic doppler effect.It has two operating modes,one is measuring the relativespeed of seabed, and the other is measuring the relative speed of the ocean current.In thecomplex marine environment, especially the deep sea, it is difficult to obtain the relativevelocity of the carrier reference sea floor. However, the use of the doppler effect to measurethe relative velocity of the carrier relative water layer, it is easy to get.The paper is mainly to complete the design and implementation of hardware part of thehigh frequency doppler velocity log. On the basis of the principle of doppler convectionvelocity, the paper completed the high-frequency Doppler velocity log system receiver andtransmitter design and realization, Also completed the writing and debugging the debugger ofthe digital signals processing part of the system.There are many parts of the hardware design of the transmitter, including logic circuits,drive circuit, power amplifier circuit, electronic transformers and so on. Designed toaccelerated capacitance and adsorbing circuit in order to reduce high frequency crosstalk andcurrent spike of the transmitted waveform. In order to achieve the transmitter and to bettermatch the transducer, in order to improve the work efficiency of the transmitter, the paperattempts to inductor in series matching and inductor-capacitor L-type matching network, andfinally, verify that the matching effect. The receiver hardware design including the design andimplementation of the fixed-gain design, the variable-gain design, the pre-filter and theafter-class filters.In order to meet the requirements of high quality factor factor performanceof the receiver and the channel consistency, the form of a filter circuit, the gain requirementsand circuit components of the rational distribution and other factors in the circuit design hasbeen fully considered. On the basis of completed the digital processing, and finally the paperhas achieved the joint commissioning of analog and digital.Finally, the high frequency doppler velocity log system to complete the tank experimentsand joint commissioning of the laboratory. The experimental results show that the hardware ofthe system reaches the design targets and requirements£¬and the system works well.
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