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Estimate the Parameters of Motion Target Used of Interference Spectrum Based on OMAP-L137

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Tutor: ShengXueLi
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Interference figure,Low fre quency vector sound field,Parameters estimation,OMAP
CLC: U666.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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With the development of quiet submarine and ship, whose radiated noise have beengreatly reduced, but they also can¡¯t eliminate low frequency components. In this paper theline spectrum interference structure and the continuous spectrum interference structure in verylow frequency sound field has been focused.With regard to the line spectrum interference structure, the reactive component of singlevector hydrophone¡¯s vertical sound intensity, the active component of bi-hydrophone¡¯s soundpressure cross-spectrum, the active component of bi-hydrophone¡¯s sound pressure andvibration velocity cross-spectrum, they are all researched. The results show that the sign ofthese interference figures can classify the target by comparing its depth with critical depth.The interference figure is very stable and has good robustness, and it has little relationshipwith environmental parameters, but has relationship with the frequency. Simulation resultsbased on bi-hydrophone significantly are better than at a single hydrophone, put twohydrophones reasonably will improve the effect of distinguishing the target and increaseapplicable frequency range, then reduce the depth of dividing line, in far field range thedividing line isn¡¯t obvious undulating. At the same time, process the bi-hydrophone soundpressure-velocity cross spectrum£¬ comparing to single-hydrophone vertical sound intensityflow or bi-hydrophone sound pressure-pressure cross spectrum£¬this method will be able touse more and more lower frequency.For broadband continuous spectrum vector sound field interference structure, the articlederivate equation of the sound field interference fringes in the form of hyperbolic equations,established the relationship between the hyperbolic parameters and target motion parameters,using Short Time Fourier Transform and the Hough Transform, it is used for estimating theship target motion parameters, this algorithm has been transplanted into the SEED-DEC137platform to achieve acquisition, signal processing, data storage Function. In addition, by usingKRAKEN model to establish sound field, moving target interference figure obtained, as theresults compared with the ray model not only calculated the sound pressure spectrum, but alsointerference figures of the horizontal velocity and vertical velocity are given, the results showthat the interference figure of the vertical velocity spectrum has better performance than twoother spectrum figures.
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