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Design and Implementation of the High Power and Low Impedance Acoustical Transmitter

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Tutor: LuFengChun
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: high power transmitter,low impedance,H-Bridge circuit,thermal design
CLC: U666.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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High power underwater acoustic transmitter is a essential component of the large depthsonar system. Under the condition of that the acoustic transducer have low impedance of onlya few ohms, because of the switching transistor and the parasitic inductance in the load circuit,the efficiency of the transmitter will inevitably much lower than the transmitter which havehigh impedance transducer, as a result the transmitter get the problem of low output and thehigh loss. This paper will discuss the above questions in detailed, then design and realize aunderwater acoustic transmitter of high power and low impedance.In this paper the design scheme of the transmitter is discussed, by the premise of thespecified power and take into account the important indicator: efficiency and stability, etc.Firstly for discussing the typical form of the D class power amplifier circuit, the H-Bridgecircuit is adopted as the power amplifier in the transmitter, in addition, this paper design areliable and stable drive scheme of the H-Bridge circuit; Secondly the phase-controllingscheme is designed in this paper to the application background of this paper; Finally, theproblem of high loss which will exist in transmitter is analyzed, the soft-switching technologyis discussed to solve the problem of the high loss and the thermal design is provided strictly tothe fever problem due to the power loss to ensure that the transmitter work reliably.At the end of the paper a sonar transmitter with the frequency of60kHz and the loadimpedance of1.3ohms is designed and realized on the base of the specified indicator, thetransmit power of the transmitter achieve4654W. The design is proved correctnessly byexperimental testing.
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