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Dry End Design of Large Dynamic Range Broadband Analog Sound Generators

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Tutor: LiangGuoLong
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: ARM,FPGA,Analog sound generator,Linux,Qt designer
CLC: TP368.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Large dynamic range broadband analog sound generators are used to send low acousticsignal simulating real goal in a test for the system equipment in the lake and sea. Thedissertation mainly focus on hardware design, communication driver of ground floor designand control interface software design.First of all, the paper discuss the design index of the simulated ae sources from theperspective of system requirement. Then the signal generator is designed on basis of ARMand FPGA. On hardware, the selection of core component is first introduced, then the powermanagement design is analyzed, the design of driven signal generator¡¯s circuit is recounted,and so is the design of relevant interface. When the signal is too small to achieve the dynamicrange,the attenuator is used to make up the scarcity of the D/A dynamic range.Considering thelarge dynamic range, the dissertation choose to linear power amplifier, the inductance andtransducer are connected in series to achieve the expected purpose.On software, the embedded Linux operating system is used as platform, with theembedded development environment, to build the network share files, so the files on distal PCcan be accessed through target board. The device driver is written to make the communicationbetween ARM and the ground floor of FPGA possible. Data written in FPGA from ARM isfinished by the way of interrupt. Each time FPGA send an interrupt signal to ARM, a piece ofdata is began to be written, and pad with zero to make the block when the data finished.Finally, the methods of transplanting the device driver are analyzed.The LCD touch screen greatly simplifies the operation process of analog sound source.Qtopia is used to control the software, taking advantage of its efficiency communicationmechanism properties with slots. The control interface is designed with the control providedby Qt designed. The paper analyzes the generation and transmission of signal, and thecomplies and curing of the application programs are also recounted. The tests of the Analogsound generator in pond and lake have been proved to satisfy the requirements of largedynamic range and broadband.
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