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Research on Underwater Acoustic Data Acquisition and Transmission Technology Based on the Nios ¢ò

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Tutor: PuShengChun
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: FPGA,Nios II,data acquisition,ADS1274
CLC: TP274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Underwater acoustic data acquisition and transmission is the key stage to studyunderwater acoustic techniques. Along with the rapid development of science andtechnology, underwater acoustic data acquisition and transmission system is more and morevarious, its function also more and more powerful. Especially in recent years, system on aprogrammable chip is widely used, and to provides a more diverse selection for the designof the underwater acoustic data acquisition system.In this paper, a four channels underwater acoustic data acquisition and transmissionsystem based on a single FPGA chip was designed, which with strong function, smalloccupied board area, flexibility, etc. Designning the four channels data acquisition andtransmission system including three parts contents which is the hardware design, softwaredesign and software design.According to execution the function and index of data acquisition and transmissionsystem and the performance of the chip, a FPGA chip, a A/D conversion chip and a networkchip were selected to design the hardware, which with low power consumption and strongfunction. Another content of the hardware design is to build three pieces of circuit boardwhich include a FPGA core circuit board, analog-digital conversion circuit board andnetwork module circuit board.The software design mainly includes the custom protection of intellectual propertyrights, custom hardware and software development. Custom protection of intellectualproperty rights is to write the analog-digital conversion chip driver in and package it into acustom intellectual property rights. Custom hardware is, according to the actual hardware,embedded the Nios II soft core processor and custom hardware mapping address into theFPGA chip. The software program is to realize the control of A/D conversion module foranalog-digital conversion, read data and data processing, control network module to realizethe TCP/IP connection and data transmission functions according to the hardware mappingaddress.The PC program is designed in LabView language, which having a front panel and aprogram board. The front panel can be formed a control interface directly. It has functionsthat transmission setting parameters to the hypogynous machine, receive and processingdata that from the hypogynous machine, display the waveform, data storage and otherfunctions. Through the test and experiment, the four channels data acquisition and transmissionsystem can achieve with the design requirements.
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