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Transmission System Design and Improvement of Trawl Sonar

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Tutor: LiHaiSen
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Network level meter,Sonar transmitter,Power adjustable,FPGA,Power MOSFET
CLC: S972
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Trawl Sonar System is a kind of modernization equipment for fishing aid, which canmeasure the location of the fish and fishing nets to improve the accuracy of fishing. It canalso real-time access to fishing nets relative to the surface,underwater and in front of theobstacle location information to reduce the possibility of fising nets bottoming out andtouching the obstacles,which can improve security for the production operations. This paperis based on Trawl Sonar project, designing and debugging multi-channel transmission systemand power system. On this basis, proposing a project to improve Trawl Sonar transmissionsystem.According to the characteristics of sonar transmitter, firstly theoretically discussing theneed to pay attention to the key issues of the sonar transmitter designing process are given inthis paper. The characteristics, classification, working principle and the basic principles ofchoosing of power amplifier, power MOSFET and MOSET driver circuit, also discussing thedesign of the load matching circuit design and receiving switch are given in this paper. Onthis basis, designing Trawl Sonar multi-channel transmitter combined with specifications andrequirements.Transmitter signal source uses FPGA as the core device, combined with beamformingtechnology, completes the design of generating phase prosecution wave signal and acquisitionboard communicating by logic, to launch the different directions of requiring power and pulsewidth square wave signal.The power system is designed with the DC/DC module to achieve the function modulesrequired a variety of voltage output, which use filter capacitor filting out the noise on thepower supply module to make the output voltage reach the expected results. Meanwhile, thepaper designs a circuit to control the order of the power supply module.Water tank experiment and the lake of Yichang in Hubei Qing jiang experiment arecarried out respectively to test the characteristics of the trawl sonar system. Practice hasproved that Trawl Sonar transmission system and power system work stability, which meetsthe requirements of design.This paper gives a project to make Trawl Sonar transmission system improve andcomplete the design of circuit hardware as well as signal source control A/D by logic. Theoutput voltage of amplifier circuit is from5V to220V by debugging, which achieve thepurpose of output power is adjustable by changing the supply voltage of the amplifier circuit. Meanwhile, changing the square wave signal duty cycle makes the adjustable range oftransmission system power greater so that Trawl Sonar transmission system has beenimproved.
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