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The Design and Realization of Sonar Target Simulation System

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Tutor: WangYingMin
School: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Target echo,PCI bus,CPLD,FIFO,Performance testing
CLC: V243
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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Important test equipment as sonar systems , the use of sonar target simulation system not only can greatly shorten the development cycle of the sonar , and plays an extremely important role in the production and applications of sonar . The sonar target simulation system is based on the mathematical model of the actual target system and the simulation data , and the data output by the hardware unit to the sonar equipment , auxiliary sonar system designers and maintainers the Sonar performance testing and simulation studies . This paper discusses in detail a certain type of aviation sonar target simulation system hardware , software design and engineering to achieve . PCI local bus is a high-performance 32 / 64-bit multiplexed address data bus , this project using its high-speed , independent of the CPU and other unique properties of the development of a certain type of aviation sonar target simulation system . This thesis is mainly to do the research work of the following aspects : 1 . Introduce the general sonar and a certain type of aviation sonar system works , analysis of the function and structure of the target simulation system , the establishment of a mathematical model of the system target radiated noise , sonar array , target echo gives the concrete realization of the simulation algorithm . 2. On the basis of in-depth study based on the PCI bus protocol to achieve high - speed data transmission , combined with the need of the application of a certain type of aviation sonar system hardware platform design based on the PCI bus and programmable logic devices , and the development of a complete set of application software . 3. Equipment engineered PCI device developed SCH diagram and PCB design elements , suitable for laboratory and field with sonar power design online using IPC mode designed chassis , reduced system scale. 4. The last details of system hardware , software debugging method and steps are analyzed for typical debugging and description , and system performance testing . The test uses the results show that the system has been able to achieve the requirements of the practical application of the technology to be able to achieve the performance testing of the sonar , and full use of the advantages of the PCI bus and the large-scale programmable logic devices , the system accuracy , feature set , hardware scale and development costs than similar system has been significantly improved.
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