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Hardware Platform Design of Embedded Shallow Multi-beam Swath Bathymeter

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Tutor: WuYingZi
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: multi-beam bathymeter,Embed,¦ÌClinux operating system,Bootloader,DSP
CLC: P229
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2006
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Multi-beam swath bathymeter is a seafloor mapping equipment with high efficiency,high accuracy and excellent resolution,especially fitted for wide sweep mapping.The multi-beam swath bathymetric technique needs Miniaturization with the developing of modern science and technology. Miniaturization of the bathymeter is currently the main goal of this field. Meanwhile has introduced the embedded concept in the miniaturized process according to the modern request and the need to develop. Therefore this article in our country first multi-beam strip belt depth-finding device technology base, carries on the miniaturization to insert the type platform the research and the development.In the thesis, firstly, the design idea and plan of miniaturization of the shallow multi-beam bathymeter were researched. In order to realize the system miniaturization, the redundant reliability might facilitate the multi- equipment interconnection, exchange, operates mutually introduces and designs realizes hardware platform in a body of based on embedded ¦ÌCLinux system, processing and the interface communication, and completes in view of this platform ¦ÌCLinux operating system transplant, as well as Bootloader compilation and modulation.It can used to improve and consummate the miniaturization of multi-beam swath bathymeter further.
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