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Multi - beamforming algorithm and hardware implementation of

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Tutor: WangYingMin
School: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Sonar,Beamforming,DSP implementation
CLC: TN911
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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With the signal processing theory , signal detection theory and the development of computer technology , as well as the needs of the high-tech war , put forward higher requirements of modern sonar system . In order to make the modern sonar having a full range of detection capability and high orientation estimates and the ability to distinguish , the application of computer technology , digital multi - beam forming system is widely used. In this paper, the the the actual sonar signal processing system developed , the the sound Na Duobo beam formation algorithm as well as digital multi- beamforming hardware realization . The main contents of this paper include : 1 . Sonar beamforming problem and adaptive beam optimized design method . The the sonar volume optimize weight coefficient array design method , the ideal array beam weight vector obtained through simulation experiments . Base for practical engineering array response vector deviation from the theoretical value of a the the beam optimized design problem based on measured array manifold . At the same time , based on the optimization of the measured array manifold weight vector . 2. The multi- volume array beamforming algorithm engineering problem . In this paper, adaptive modeling techniques to design four FIR digital filter , and engineering applications optimized weight coefficients , and conducted a series of performance simulation . 3. Mission requirements according to the simulation results of the algorithm , and sonar processing system , the processing system beam forming part of the hardware and software design . The hardware part of the modular design of the DSP CPLD DRAM structure , hardware functions of the various parts of the implementation methods . Beamforming module DSP software design , including system workflow beamforming algorithm to optimize the design and programming of FLASH program memory . 4. The beamforming system software and hardware debugging , as well as the same processing system as a whole joint commissioning and debugging steps and experimental results .
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