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Research of Track Testing Method for Underwater Moving Target

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Tutor: ZhaoJunWei
School: Northwestern Polytechnical University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Acoustic positioning,Trajectory,Four - element Array,DSP,CPLD
CLC: TN966
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2007
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As various positioning systems increasingly wide range of applications , as well as military and civilian applications needs , acoustic positioning system become the new hot spot in the positioning system . This paper combines the research project , the positioning in underwater acoustic ranging , finding the technology to achieve this goal measurement of underwater moving target track . The paper first reviewed the situation and development of underwater acoustic positioning technology , research and theoretical knowledge of the the underwater target track test system , the key technologies include: ranging way , waveform selection , four cross array orientation principle , delay estimation techniques , and detailed discussion . Combined with the actual needs of the project , choose the appropriate form of cooperation acoustic signal , and ranging ; the four yuan cross array orientation model as well as the discussion of various delay estimation algorithm as well as cooperation in the sound signal characteristics based on the phase spectrum method algorithm been amended , comparative simulation results show that : the directional accuracy of the algorithm . The theory on the basis of the finding and ranging , discussed in detail on how to implement the system . In this paper, the design of the system to the MCU , DSP, CPLD core devices , complete the collection and handling of underwater acoustic signal of cooperation . The paper focuses on the working principle and the key technology , including cooperation acoustic signal generation , power amplifier and matching preamp , A / D sampling , synchronous minutes ranging , DSP signal processing circuit design . In order to meet the requirements of real-time and accuracy , the system uses the TI's TMS320VC5409 chip as the core DSP chip to complete the task of finding . Finally, lab debug , verify the correctness of the system hardware and software design , system performance experiments and completed anechoic water tank Northwestern Polytechnical University , through the measured data verify the correctness of the design program . The system can accurately detect underwater target trajectory , for its improvement, can play a role in civilian areas , and has broad application prospects .
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