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Design and Realization of Electronic Platform of Acoustic Subsystem in Passive Positioning Buoy System

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Tutor: LiangGuoLong
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Passive positioning buoys,Vector Hydrophone,FPGA,DOA Estimation
CLC: TB565.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Passive positioning buoy system is designed to target the sailing noise target location and tracking , the system including the buoy subsystem and shipboard significant control subsystem . Composed the buoy subsystem consists of a number buoys vector hydrophone array , measurement of underwater the goal sailed noise azimuth , the measurement data sent by radio to the display and control subsystems ; , where the GPS location of the display and control subsystem monitoring buoy , buoy subsystems upload data and buoy GPS position by geometric intersection of the original understanding count the target location . The paper discusses the acoustic system is part of the buoy subsystem . Acoustic system includes three parts, of the the auxiliary electronic cabin electronic platform , signal conditioning , signal processor can handle four signals : the vector hydrophone two-way velocity signal , all the way to the sound pressure signal and scalar hydrophone sound pressure signal . The auxiliary electronic compartment uploaded to the the four signal through the cable signal conditioning machine microcontroller as the core device the acquisition module acquisition hydrophone attitude , into the water depth and the battery is information . Signal conditioning machines such as amplification, filtering the signal processing to improve the signal to noise ratio , and pave the way for the subsequent signal processing . Signal processor DSP FPGA design , FPGA as the hub of the signal processor , data storage , return , real-time transmission functions and related circuit timing ; DSP target orientation estimation algorithm using cross-spectral estimation method , the use the the vector hydrophone signals solver target azimuth . The paper first introduces the the auxiliary electronic cabin electronic platform hardware circuit design thinking , and discussed in detail the various branches of the structure , including Pressure Sensor Orientation attitude instrument interface design and the microcontroller program design descriptions ; then describes the design principles of signal conditioning , focusing on filtering circuits and opto isolation circuit to make a detailed discussion of phase coherence while adjusting the amplitude of the three-way vector channel ; then gives the signal processing circuit configuration of the extension , and the FPGA peripheral -related circuit to be introduced , and highlights the FPGA program design , for each program . the realization of the module described in detail ; Finally, the target azimuth estimation method and the process , and the reliability and validity of the algorithm by simulation and experimental results demonstrate .
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