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Signal Acquisition and Processing Platform Design and Implementation of Trawl Sonar System

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Tutor: LiHaiSen
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: trawl sonar system,ARM,embedded Linux system,device driver program,application p
CLC: S951.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Trawl Sonar System is a kind of underwater acoustic equipment for fishing aid, which appeared in China just recent years. However, most of trawl sonar systems used in our country are imported abroad, besides these foreign devices are very expensive and difficult to maintain. Therefore, a new kind of trawl sonar system which is of our independent intellectual property rights is developed in this paper.This paper is to complete the signal acquisition and processing platform for trawl sonar system. According to the requirements of multi-task, real-time and reliability, the signal acquisition and processing platform of the trawl sonar system is implemented with the architecture of combine with embedded microprocessor FPGA, embedded microcontroller ARM and embedded Linux operating system.The performance requirements of signal acquisition and processing platform of the trawl sonar system are analyzed in this paper, and then after the core chip was selected, the circuit design and debug of each function module are discussed in detail. Then the paper focus on the structure of ARM chip and the development of embedded Linux operating system, a whole set of embedded software system is completed in this paper, which provides the necessary services for trawl sonar system and signal acquisition and processing platform.Embedded operating system transplantation on ARM microcontroller is an important part of the thesis. Microcontroller ARM chip is the core of signal acquisition and function management of the whole trawl sonar system. Linux-based peripheral device driver development and application program development is another important part of the paper. After completion of Linux operation system migration, SPI bus driver program is developed and communication program for modules between the ARM and the FPGA is implemented. The subsystem can send command through the serial port based on the serial port communication program, and data processed can be transmitted to PC through network fast.After the platform is completed, water tank experiment and lake experiment are carried out respectively to test the performance of the trawl sonar system. Experimental results demonstrate that trawl sonar system and trawl sonar system signal acquisition and processing platform can work stably and can also meet the design requirements.
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