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The Study on Frequency-hopping Communication Techniques Used in Network-Torpedo

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Tutor: JiBangJie DongChunPeng
School: China Ship Research Institute
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Network torpedo,Underwater acoustic communication,Channel model,Incoherent hoppi
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Network torpedo is suitable for future network-centric warfare combat mode information, networking new torpedoes, one important direction for future torpedo development. Underwater acoustic communication technology as one of the key technologies of network torpedo, its study for the the underwater information reliable transmission network torpedo and information between nodes to provide important technical support. This paper combines the research project \FH / MFSK technology, error correction coding techniques, frequency hopping synchronization technology for characteristics of network torpedo, depth theoretical studies, computer simulation and field experiments hopping communication system network torpedo useful exploration . This paper work and achievements are as follows: (1) completion of a theoretical analysis of network torpedo underwater acoustic communication channel characteristics for its complex and volatile and strong multi-purpose features, including time-varying fading, multipath interference and additive white Gaussian noise interference underwater acoustic channel model, and the model simulation analysis. (2) According to the characteristics of the network torpedo underwater acoustic communication, from all aspects of comparative analysis of selected frequency-hopping technology as the primary means of communication of the paper, and its system principle, parameter selection, mathematical model analysis. On this basis, designed to apply to a non-coherent FSK modulation network torpedo underwater acoustic frequency hopping systems program (FH / MFSK technology), the system has been built under the channel model simulation analysis. (3) study the error correction coding techniques. Three different encoding of RS codes, convolutional codes and serial concatenated codes and serial concatenated codes intertwined technical characteristics, has established hopping underwater acoustic communication system model simulation, given the different circumstances under the simulation results and a comparative analysis. (4) study compared several synchronization methods. Compare different synchronous capture, design and correlation detection method synchronization head hopping underwater acoustic communication synchronization capture. (5) for hopping underwater acoustic communication system design, pool testing, and field experiments, and experimental data processing and analysis. The results show that: the design hopping underwater acoustic communication system in the long-distance communications, has the advantages of anti-multipath, anti-inter-symbol interference to compare domestic related research, in the case of remote shallow water complex channel bit error rate performance certain advantages, characteristics of communication system for communication network torpedo. Important guiding significance for the network torpedo underwater acoustic communication engineering applications.
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