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Design and Implementation of Display and Control Software in Sounding System

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Tutor: WuYingZi
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Multi-beam sounding system,Display and control software,Multiple document interf
CLC: P229
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Multi-beam sounding system is high level of integration of multiple technologies,sucasfull bathymetric survey techniques¡¢high-precision measurement technology¡¢high-resolution measurement techniques.With the continuous progress of science and technology development,applications of multi-beam sounding system technology are also increased.Previous multi-beam sounding system can not fully adapt to the needs of marine surveying.Therefore, it is particularly important to design a user-friendly, featured sounding system display and control software.This paper.based on the technologies of Chinese first multi-beam swath bathymeter.And design a multi-beam sounding system display and control software which can run under the Windows operating system.This paper describes the multi-beam sounding system development and research status at home and abroad.And studies the multi-beam sounding system¡¯s, composition and working principle.According to the Sounding system display and control software¡¯s main function to be achieved, studied the preparation of technical related software. And design the flow chart of the entire software.then compile Sounding system display and control software using visual c++.Sounding system control software¡¯s main functions are reading.displaying and storage the beam data.raw data.depth data. Depth data mianly displayed in list form, so use the list view control application of technology to complete thedisplay window;Field parameters display window is mainly through the application Technology of dialog box to achieve:Pseudo-color bands display window decribes measurement bandwith pseudo-color block;Waterfall display window shows seabed profile;Vertical depth display window draws vertical depth and time curve in the two-dimensional plane. The swell data display window shows the tracking ship¡¯s heave, pitch and roll attitude information.
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