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The Hardware Platform Development of Short Baseline Positoning System

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Tutor: QiaoGang
School: Harbin Engineering University
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: short baseline positioning,DSP,FPGA,the data acquisition
CLC: U666.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Acoustic positioning technique is the mainstream technology in positioning of underwater.It is the key of the Oceanographic technology development. Whether in business or military areas, acoustic positioning studies all has the great significance. Based on an underwater target positioning system demand, the thesis is mainly to complete short baseline positioning system hardware platform design and implementation.The thesis studies the short baseline positioning system structure and technical index, decides the Short baseline positioning system hardware platform scheme using the TMS320C6455 as the main signal processing chip firstly,and demonstrates the scheme. According to this scheme, the hardware platform is developed. It mainly includes the designs of the TMS320C6455 minimal systems, FPGA module, the data acquisition module, network communication module, serial communication module, and D/A module, the options of the chips for each module, and the specification about the design ideas and the functions realized, besides it also summarizes and analyses the detail problems encountered in the design of the platform.Through the whole hardware platform debugging, the system achieves the literacy control of DSP periphery storage DDR2 and Flash memory, realizes Network communication.Using FPGA to complete serial communication between DSP and peripherals, along with the logic control to the A/D, D/A, achieves the real-time data acquisition and sending finally, and satisfies the requirements of the system.
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