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Studies on the Technology of Passive Time-Reversing and Matched-Field Location of Multiple Sources in Shallow Ocean Based on Horizontal Array

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Tutor: NiMing
School: National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course: Underwater Acoustics
Keywords: Time reversal,Match,Level array,Shallow water,Multi-objective,Locate
CLC: TN912.34
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The multi- target detection and location of underwater acoustic signal processing . Ocean acoustic propagation of complex , difficult to use to locate distant sound source in shallow water based on the positioning of the plane wave ; passive anti matched field methods consider the propagation of sound waves in the ocean , underwater far-field sound source can be used to estimate the the distance and depth. When there are a plurality of sound sources in the marine , weak sound source will often be the interference generated by the strong sound source mask , the anti - matching method of the conventional time is difficult for the weak sound source positioning . In this paper, the anti - matching method based on the horizontal projection linear array and spatial filtering methods to achieve the goal in strong goals interference , weak positioning . The main work of this paper are: 1 . Calculate the sound field and when anti- matching positioning technology principle analysis . BDRM theory to write the sound field calculation program , using the program calculates the pulse signal generated by the signal waveform , and compared with the calculation results in the literature . Passive time reversal of the principle of the positioning method and matched field localization method , and compare the similarities and differences between the two . Proposed a horizontal array of underwater targeting method . Estimated the azimuth and number of underwater targets . Comparing simulation results based on the conventional plane wave target azimuth estimation method and subspace intersect to prove shallow water multipath conditions under the conventional method performance weakened , while the performance of subspace intersection method is better than the conventional method . Source number estimation methods such as AIC, MDL principle , the two methods in simulation experiments were successfully identified a number of of different azimuths shallow source . 3 . Estimated target depth and distance . When anti - matching method , high-resolution array parameters on the positioning by simulation experiments . Anti - matching positioning method using projection linear single strong target under the guise of a weak target positioning , Anti- matching method based MVDR when Anti- matching methods positioning weak target performance compared this method with conventional simulation experiments . The use of spatial filtering method for positioning a weak target level of array - based interior-point method and Newton method for filtering matrix , in a simulation experiment on a weak target positioning .
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