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Design and Implement of Abnormal Event Monitory System for Inner Information Center

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Tutor: WangQun
School: Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: server monitor,abnormal events,open-source
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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As the computer technology updates constantly, and the application of computer science spreads more and more widely, large amounts of enterprises and organizations use computers to improve efficiency. However, the usage of computer technology brings up another problem. How can we protect internal data from being leaked?Antivirus software and firewall software can only protect your computer from external attacks and threats, but they can¡¯t help prevent illegal operation of the staff from the enterprises. Lots of software aimed at management of local operations are for commercial purpose, they are not only very expensive but also lacking utility function.Data security system of Meridian Project expands the advantages of all sorts of monitoring software. It can monitor the running status of all servers, combined with users¡¯operations at real-time, and once it notices any unusual activity, such as illegal access to servers, or illegal reproduce of internal data, department in charge of data security will be alerted. Apart from that, this data security system will also record the status of all subsystems in the form of log files, so that administrators can get a full understanding of system status and take action on potential attacks in time.Abnormal events monitoring platform is a part of the data security system, which is mainly responsible for the monitoring and management of severs in information center. It¡¯s also in charge of mapping network topological structures. Abnormal event monitoring platform is divided into three parts: information-gathering procedures, information processing procedures, and user interfaces. Information-gathering process is installed on each monitored server, and it is responsible for the collection of status information of each server. Information processing program is installed in the data security system server, and it deals with various types of information send by information-gathering procedures and other services.User interface provides users with a very friendly platform so that users can easily operate data security system and check the status of each server.Abnormal event monitoring platform runs under Linux, and it is programmed in Java. It adopts a large number of advanced open source technologies, which can provide a good software structure, and guarantee the safety of program. After we finished the development of this system, we ran a corresponding software performance test. And it is running in good condition.This article gives out detailed information of this system, includes software design, development, testing and deployment. It also analyzes the shortcomings of this system, and provides possible solutions to improve it¡¯s performance.
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